One of the urgent needs is to replace the existing PVC gutters & down pipes of the buildings as they are damaged and warped in several places promoting mosquito breeding which is a health hazard to the children. Mahinda & Indraji Kuruppu of Australia met the cost of fixing Zinc-aluminum gutters and downpipes in two of the building. However, work on the other two buildings remains to be done. The estimate for the Administrative building is around U$ 6000 and the Kitchen-Library building around U$4000. This year although we received a generous donation from Nance Ackerman through her charity group Cousins Photo Tours, this is insufficient to commence work. As this is an urgent need the society would be very thankful for assistance. BOQs and estimates are available.


This was initiated in a cubicle constructed in the Library with funds donated by well wishers but regrettably we have not able to maintain the facilities or sustain employing an instructor due to lack of funds. Computer facilities need upgrading and an instructor is required for which donations are sought.

Current needs: Maintenance of hardware and accessories (U$ 500).Instructor (U$100/m)


The preschool opened to outside children in 2008 and was given a separate identity.This is a futuristic venture as the state policy is for children to be in family care and not institutionalized. Thus the society is offering quality Preschool and Daycare services to working parents strengthening the family life. Further, it gives the opportunity for our preschoolers to interact with outside children. Initially, The Springfield South Cricket Club of Melbourne, Australia supported by funding an English medium preschool teacher but now the society needs to sustain this. Funds are required to meet payments at approximately U$ 150/month.


Children- As the majority of the children are young we face frequent health problems caused by infections and accidental injuries. They need to be taken to the state hospitals in hired vehicles. Further, indoor stays in hospitals require the services of a bed-side private nurse who needs to be hired as the resident home staff are unable to stay with the child. We seek sponsors to meet a monthly health bill of approximately U$ 100.



These children come from varying social backgrounds and experiences. Their behavior traits and social attributes are not entirely satisfactory and need correction for them to acquire good habits to become responsible citizens in later life. Towards achieving these attributes a cubscouts pack was inaugurated on 23.08.2012 on the advice and guidance of the officials of the Kandy Boy Scouts HQ. A total of 17 children comprising 11 girls and 6 boys aged 7-12 years were enrolled as cubscouts at a ceremony on 21.03.2013. Pack meetings are held fortnightly. Currently a Presidents Scout Mr. Lenin Lakmal conducts these meetings. In order to sustain this important activity for the children we seek around U$ 100/month to meet allowance for Instructor, uniforms and travel for attending camps for the cubscouts.



Children attend the nearby small state school but this school does not offer training to meet the demands of achieving success at competitive National Examinations viz. 5th Grade Scholarship, Grade 12-Ordinary Level and the Advance Level to proceed for higher education. As good educational certification is vital to gain technical/professional skills, we need to give quality extra classes for academically good students who are due to take up these exams. Cost Rs.1000/ 2-h session/week (U$ 40/month).


Meeting costs of two Weekly Children's newspapers costing Rs.20 each (U$16/month) Cost of examination past papers/workbooks Rs.3000/child/Year (U$30/year).


For formal schooling in Sri Lanka a child should be 5 years in January that year. Hence these children need to be sent to preschool until then. There are around 3-5 Home children in any given year for preschooling. Sponsors are sought to meet preschool fees and educational material expenses of these preschoolers from Singithi Sevana at Rs.1000/m/child for 1-2 year periods depending on their ages.


The State grant for a child is only Rs.50/day, approx.1500/month (U$15) which is released annually to cover the expenses of the previous year. This is totally inadequate to meet the needs of a child. Hence we seek sponsorships for individual children.


Approximately U$ 30.00 per month to meet expenses as identified in the budget given below.

1. Clothing and other facilities
2. Milk and extra nutritional foods
3. Educational material, transport & excursions


One of the key items of expenditure is in providing meals to the children and the resident staff. With the rising cost of food items feeding the children is a major concern for the society.

Hence we appeal to you to assist us by sponsoring a meal, either in cash or kind, for a day once a year. The cost of a (vegetarian) meal is shown below. Chicken/Fish/Egg require additional Rs.1,500/meal.


Alternately, cooked meals can be brought or the food stuffs handed over for the meal that you sponsor. In such event the above costs do not apply.

If you are willing to participate in this dhana please complete the attached dhana form and mail it to us. You can obtain further information/ obtain a date suitable by contacting the Matron. Dana Donation Form download


Replacement of gutters and repairs to drains, toilets are needed especially to withstand the tropical monsoon weather. Funds sought- U$ 1000/ year.



‘Singithi Sevana’ land has a low- lying area which has been cultivated from time to time but unprofitable as the land is marshy. On the advice of the state Natural Resources Management Centre (NRMC) gradient drains for storm water drainage were cut in order to make the land usable for agriculture. The land earmarked for the project is about 0.274 acres or 11, 953 sq feet in extent bordering two public roads.

A horticulture/floriculture project with a plant nursery and roadside sales point was initiated to provide vocational training to school leavers while providing a healthy environment for the Home and creating awareness to appreciate plant life amongst the young children.

592 ft 2 Rain Shelter with sprinkler irrigation was constructed according to given specifications and a 3-month training programme commenced in August 2016 for the children in potting and planting common home garden vegetables from seeds. Water is delivered by gravity through a pipeline from the Home's Spring water tanks. The children are very enthusiastic in this agricultural activity, selling their plants of chili, tomato, brinjal, bell pepper and capsicum plants at a very nominal sum. They have extended planting to other vegetables as well. The storm water drains are being completed with the funds raised. A female helper is employed four days a week to look after the plants. In order to sustain this project, fencing the area and constructing a sales point for the public is required. Although we are now generating a small income, the plant nursery work needs to be extended to establish stock plants and foliage to attract the public to make the venture sustainable. Thus funds are needed to meet the recurrent expenditure of around U$ 344/month for a period of two years. Further, since some areas of the land cannot be drained completely, a fish pond for breeding ornamental fish is also planned.

Children at work in the Plant Nursery.




A. Storm water drainage
B. Rain Shelter with sprinkler irrigation
C. Protective Fencing LKR.325,000 (U$300)-
D. Fish Pond-to breed ornamental fish

Construction of storm water drains & Rain Shelter under construction



A donor sponsored the construction of a basketball courts at the Dharmasoka school, the small state school that the children attend. The Kandy Basketball Association assisted providing the technical expertise and they are now conducting training sessions for the school children. It is also used by nearby schools for training on a payment. However, facilities such as a washroom and sheds for teams & scorers are required. Further the surrounding need to be fenced for safety and security. Financial assistance for this is sought from donors.

Children at basketball training sessions.