The home is housed in a building complex constructed from society-generated funds on 0.5 hectares land leased from the Dalada Maligawa (Temple of the Tooth Relic, Kandy). The buildings include three dormitories with attached washroom and toilets, a dining area, kitchen and a library with a computer room.

  Outdoor play area (Sponsored by Sri Lanka Medical
  Association of North America (SLMANA)
Indoor activity area  

A second building houses the preschool which has independent access through the Home premises. The preschool has a large hall with a well designed, hygienic wash room and toilets. There is an attractive large outdoor play area with a cycle track and a sand pit for the preschoolers. An Indoor Activity Area which is committed for art, creative work and board games is a new addition.

  A Dormitory
Preschool washroom & toilet 
(Sponsord by UN Women´s Guild Geneva) 

The garden which includes a paddy field is cultivated with banana and mixed crops. The garden produce is used for the Home meals and excess is sold at the gate. The premises are located within the Kandy Municipality in close proximity to several residential areas and with easy access bordering a main road.