A blink of hope for disadvantaged children in Sri Lanka

Established in 1977, our primary objective is to care for needy children under12 years of age and bring them up in a Buddhist environment. 

The Mahanuwara Lamarakshaka Bauddha Samithiya is a society registered with the State and offers residential care for disadvantaged children for the State. Admissions and handing over of children is processed entirely by the Department of Social Welfare, Probation and Child Care Services.

Annual General MeetingThis is to announce that Mahanuwara Lamaarakshka Bauddha Samithiya (MLBS) is having its Annual General Meeting on June 25th, 2023 at 9:30 am. Members are kindly requested to participate on this event.

About Us

Children’s Home in Kandy, Sri Lanka

"Singithi Sevana" means Children’s Rest. It is a state registered Children´s Home in Kandy, Sri Lanka which provides residential care for 2-12 year old orphaned and needy children in the Central Province. Singithi Sevana is managed by a small society named "Mahanuwara Lamarakshaka Bauddha Samithiya" (Kandy Child Protection Buddhist Society).

Some Facts About our Children

At present there are 32 children, both boys and girls aged 3-12 years. The children attend the local state schools, Dharmasoka Vidyalaya, Sangamitta Vidyalaya and the nearby Dhaham Pasale (Temple Sunday School). The younger children attend a preschool conducted by a trained preschool teacher that is held within the Home premises.

Extra Help in Education

The children are given extra lessons in English, Mathematics and Music.