What we offer

The home is equipped with three dormitories with attached washrooms, dining area, kitchen, library, computer room and indoor & outdoor play areas.

Singithi Sevana Preschool

Our Facilities

The home is housed in a building complex constructed from society-generated funds on 0.5 hectares land leased from the Dalada Maligawa (Temple of the Tooth Relic, Kandy). The buildings include three dormitories with attached washroom and toilets, a dining area, kitchen, a library with a computer room.

The outdoor play area was sponsored by the Sri Lanka Medical Association of North America (SLMANA).

Indoor Acitvity Room: Children at work


A second building houses the preschool which has independent access through the Home premises. The preschool has a large hall with a well designed, hygienic wash room and toilets. There is an attractive large outdoor play area with a cycle track and and a fish pond. An Indoor Activity Area which is committed for art, creative work and board games is yet another facility.

Singithi Sevana Preschool

Large Garden

The garden which includes a hillside and a low-lying area, is cultivated with mixed crops and has a Green House for protected agriculture. The premises are located within the Kandy Municipality in close proximity to several residential areas and with easy access bordering a main road skirting the town.

A girls’ dormitory at Singithi Sevana


Dormitories and washrooms are regularly upgraded to provide the children quality residential care.

The preschool was established initially sponsored by the UN Women´s Guild, Geneva and was renovated several times to maintain the standard. Last year a series of attractive educational play equipment donated by a state department has made it more enjoyable for the preschoolers.

A boys’ dormitory at Singithi Sevana