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Annual Events


Prize Giving 2023

Children enjoying themselves at the playground

Cash Donation

We are thankful to Mr. Chandana Weerasena and family for their cash donation of Rs 60,000 on March 31, 2023 towards the construction of a solar energy unit.

Cash donation March 2023 towards solar energy unit



Universal Children’s Day: On October 1st, 2022, the children at Singithi Sevana celebrated the Universal Children’s Day at the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens.

Campfire: The Highland Rover Scouts Kandy organized a Campfire on 29th March 2022 which delighted the children. Committee member Cmde Janaka Gunaseela facilitated this activity.


Avurudu Uthsawaya (Traditional New Year Ceremony) 2022: was held on 9th April. A well-wisher Ms. Subodini Wickremasinghe with her assistants helped in this event providing eats, gifts for the children and organizing the décor and games.

Avurudu Uthsawaya 2022: Children engaged in outdoor games and fancy dress parade

Vesak 2022: was celebrated on 15th 16th May with members of the Rotaract Club Kandy helping the Children to make the traditional lanterns and other attractive Vesak decorations as in the previous years. The children enjoyed this interaction.

Vesak 2022

AGM 2022: Was held on 26th June in keeping with the constitution despite the fuel shortage and uncertain situation in the country. It was streamed through Zoom for those members who were unable to attend in person.

Folk Dance/Drama Course: The Colombo-based Ranwela Foundation commenced a 7- month certification course in Kandy in June with classes on Sunday afternoons. Three children showing aptitude were enrolled. The director offered free registration to our children but as there are other expenses on travel and clothing a Folk Dance Fund was initiated.


Vesak 2022


Universal Children’s Day October 1st Commemoration 2021: The state department held a series of competitions in several categories on October 11th that comprised Folk song, Drama , Dance & Debate for the children under their registered care homes. Roshini one of our 11 year old girls won the first place in her age group in the Folk Song category.

Annual Ceremony 2021

Annual Ceremony 2021:  Was held on 6th November with the participation of society members. Awards were presented to the children who achieved in academic and extra- curricular activities. The Children entertained those present with a variety entertainment which showcased their talents and skills.

Christmas Treat

Drama Awareness Programme:  The state department of Probation and Child Care held a one-day programme on 19th November hosting the children with lunch and refreshments.

Christmas Treat:  Children were hosted by the staff of the Grand Kandyan Hotel to a party on 10th December which gave them a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a sumptuous tea in beautiful surroundings.

Educational Trip 2021:  The state department organized a Day’s trip outside Kandy to Dambulla and outskirts to visit historical sites on 18th December which was a rare outing for the children this year.

Christmas Treat

Upgrading Facilities

Bridge-Corridor Project: The Home facilities are housed in two main buildings located at different levels accessed by external stairways. With year- round wet weather in Kandy it was a long-felt need to bridge the two in order to facilitate children engaging in indoor activities as well as for staff supervision. We were able to raise the required funds and complete a steel protected bridge to fulfill this need within a short period. We are thankful to all the donors especially to Ms. Chulanie de Alwis (UK) who organized an on-line musical show to raise much needed funds.

Bridge corridor project
Bridge corridor project

Security System: Two high powered CCTV cameras and DVR were installed. This has greatly enhanced the clarity and area of coverage. Six beepers & sensors were also fixed at strategic locations surrounding the buildings to facilitate security.

Office room Extension: An outer office was constructed by dismantling the play item stores. This extension has made a tremendous difference to office work giving much needed extra space.

Home Garden Project: Vegetable cultivation in the Green House was re-commenced with enthusiasm on the advice from experienced persons. Fertilizer and planting material were purchased.